About the Club

Coaching Staff:

Coach Keith Gollwitzer started running XC and track as a high school sophomore and continued to run competitively through college. Keith’s family started with the Accelerators in 2005, and he has been increasing his mileage ever since. In 2009, Keith took a more active role in the club, and then transitioned to coach. Keith believes that anyone can have fun while working towards their goal.

Season Overview:

Spring: Practices are held at a local track. Weekly track meets give the runners a chance to participate in a variety of track and field events and to work on individual time/speed goals.

Summer: Summer practices are a blend of short and long distances, hill workouts, and speed interval training. The club hosts a Summer Cross Country Series to help runners prepare for the upcoming cross-country season. In addition, a Friday Night Mile Series is held the month of August to help runners work on their mile times.

Fall: During the fall, the focus turns to cross-country. Practices are a mix of longer runs, hill workouts, speed training and core workouts. The club participates in fall cross-country meets throughout the fall season, and hosts a meet for teams in the area. The season culminates with a trip to the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships in late November for interested runners and their families.

Winter: Outdoor practice continues. Once a week, practice is typically held at an indoor track to give runners a chance to do speed work.


The Accelerators practice year-round. The coaches’ goal at practice is for the kids to have fun while running and exercising. Running distances and activities are tailored to each child’s ability. This flexibility enables more advanced runners, as well as runners new to the sport, to achieve their individual goals.

Older children help lead and mentor younger children, creating a dynamic team environment. More challenging practices are followed by easier practices, typically ending with a welcome game of kickball.

If you have other questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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