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Results of Accelerators in school invitationals this last week:

--Junior Royal Cadet [9/11 Marmion]
----5/6th Grade Girls {86 runners} 1st Chiara S (Holy Cross), 3rd Norah D (Wredling MS), 5th Ella S (Rotolo MS), 58th Anna O (Immanuel Lutheran), 60th Brooke V (RMS)
----7/8th Grade Girls {82 runners} 1st Marley A (WMS), 7th Caroline T (WMS), 14th Whitney G (RMS), 16th Madison W (RMS), 22nd Olivia P (RMS), 55th Kitt B (RMS)
----5/6th Grade Boys {no results} Simeon G (RMS)
----7/8th Grade Boys {127 runners} 6th Sean H (IL), 9th Lucas C (St Peter), 13th Jed W (WMS), 49th Nathan B (RMS)

--Richard Springs Invite [9/15 Detweiller Park]
----Girls Varsity {427 runners} 2nd Alice A (St Charles East), 6th Lianna S (Rosary HS), 12th Sophia M (Geneva HS), 15th Madison Z (Oswego East), 16th Grace D (St Charles North), 27th Audrey A (Glenbard West), 34th Devon T (West Aurora), 48th Abby H (GW), 49th Megan S (WA), 62nd Amber L (SCE), 66th Lauren G (Lake Forest), 82nd Delany E (GW), 86th Andrine L (GHS), 198th Audrey B (Lincoln Way Central), 202nd Jaycie S (Oswego HS), 204th Ally T (RHS), 207th Emily B (GHS), 210th Ella T (SCN), 319th Emily H(WA), 327th Courtney S (LF)
----Girls F/S {264 runners} 2nd Camille B (Bartlett HS), 5th Jenna B (BHS), 6th Gia K (SCE), 39th Kayla S (GHS), 48th Faith P (SCE), 93rd Bella S (York HS), 171st Sammie W (WA), 217th Kate H (Hinsdale South)
----Girls Open {549 runners} 122nd Tara L (SCN), 195th Kelly R (LWC), 201st Sydney C (SCN), 369th Claire N (GHS)
----Boys Varsity {437 runners} 10th Jacob K (Wheaton Warrenville South), 49th Ryan A (SCN), 61st Ryan K (GHS), 63rd Ben C (GHS), 66th Valdis S (GHS), 113th Jarod G (WA), 216th Jack D (SCN), 250th Seth K (WA), 271st Xander T (GHS), 291st Eric P (GHS)
----Boys F/S {377 runners} 1st Micah W (SCE), 2nd Colin H (YHS), 136th Tim A (GHS), 149th Jacob C (GHS), 166th Adam C (GHS), 184th Brandon N (WA), 242nd Horacio R (WA), 245th Louie B (OE), 349th Eli S (WA)
----Boys Open {687 runners} 79th Reegan M (WA), 225th Teddy W (GHS), 480th Matt R (GHS), 489th Andy S (WA)

Eddington Invite [9/15 Kaneland HS]
----Girls Varsity {128 runners} 5th Joy J (Benet Academy), 11th Elisabeth C (BA), 14th Meaghan A (BA), 21st Christina R (DeKalb HS), 22nd Nicquelette F (Dixon HS), 29th Grace P (Kaneland HS), 49th Emma B (KHS), 78th Faith C (Burlington Central). 84th Karly K (BA), 108th Louisa S (Rosary HS), 114th Melanie M (RHS)
----Girls F/S {92 runners} 13th Caroline N (KHS)
----Boys Varsity {153 runners} 54th Seth N (KHS), 74th Justin L (Jacobs HS)
---- Boys F/S {229 runners} 94th William H (KHS)
---- Boys Open {108 runners} 34th Adrian P (JHS)

--Minooka Flight Invite [9/15 Channahon Park]
----Girls Flight #1 {17 schools} 1st Katrina S (Batavia HS)
----Girls Flight #3 {17 schools} 3rd Audrey P (BHS)
----Girls F/S {91 runners} 33rd Kate F (Lyons HS), 35th Maya M (BHS), 38th Lydia S (BHS), 39th Lexi W (BHS)
----Girls Open {298 runners} 5th Katie C (BHS), 38th Erin G (BHS), 46th Lauren F (BHS), 87th Olivia M (BHS), 89th Natalie Z (BHS), 127th Caroline H (BHS)
----Boys F/S {134 runners} 14th Roy L (Downers Grove North)
----Boys Open {395 runners} 16th Jackson S (LHS), 20th Matthew A (BHS), 234th Aaron M (BHS), 235th Andy N (BHS)

Rock Canyon Invitational [9/15 Rock Canyon, CO]
----Boys JV {388 runners} 32nd Tom R (Cherokee Trails HS)

--Troy Invite [9/15 Troy Cronin]
----5th & 6th Grade Girls {458 runners} 10th Norah D (Wredling MS), 11th Jacci G (Herget MS), 22nd Ella S (Rotolo MS), 182nd Anahi C (HMS)
----7th Grade Girls {315 runners} 1st Marley A (WMS), 43rd Whitney G (RMS), 104th Madison W (RMS), 138th Kendall W (Jewel MS), 154th Sara B (HMS), 183rd Agnes B (Geneva MS North)
----8th Grade Girls {334 runners} 1st Olivia K (HMS), 15th Tori L (HMS), 30th McKenna M (GMSN), 37th Makenzy H (HMS), 48th Gracie W (HMS), 59th Lizzie G (HMS), 97th Caroline T (WMS),104th Darragh C (JMS), 126th Olivia P (RMS), 188th Cate K (GMSN)
----5th & 6th Grade Boys {448 runners} 29th Nathan G (WMS), 54th Noah M (Geneva MS South), 56th Simeon G (RMS), 59th Nathan G (Fearn/HMS)
----7th Grade Boys {377 runners} 9th Ayden J (HMS), 10th Devyn J (HMS), 36th Jed W (WMS), 44th Lucas C (St Peter), 170th Nathan B (RMS), 262nd Emilio A (HMS), 293rd Matt B (HMS), 325th John K (GMSN), 355th Nolan C (HMS)

--SPL Meet #3 [9/15 Marmion]
----8th Grade Girls Flight 1 {21 runners} 3rd Kaylee L (St Petronille)
----5th Grade Boys Flight 1 {27 runners} 5th Joey K (V/IC), 17th Foley C (V/IC)
----6th Grade Boys Flight 1 {26 runners} 7th Brendan C (Visitation/IC), 21st Jeffery L (SP)
----7th Grade Boys Flight 1 {22 runners} 6th Matthew S (Saints Peter & Paul), 18th James K (SP&P), 33rd
----7th Grade Boys Flight 2 {78 runners} 2nd Danny K (V/IC), 9th Mike C (V/IC)
----8th Grade Boys Flight 1 {27 runners} 6th Aidan H (V/IC)
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Accelerators running at school meets this week:

Monday –
--Downers Grove South girls team is hosting Hinsdale South
--York boys team is hosting Marmion
--Washington JHS is at a tri meet
--SPL optional meet at Nazareth Academy: Visitation/IC, Saint Peter & Paul, St Petronille

--Oswego East girls and boys teams are hosting Kaneland
--Liberty HS girls team is at Quincy Notre Dame Invite
--Jacobs HS boys team is at a tri meet
--Herget MS is hosting Jewel MS
--O’Neill MS is at a tri meet
--Geneva MS South is hosting Wredling MS
--Thompson MS is hosting Harter MS
--Geneva MS North is at a dual meet

--DeKalb HS girls team is at a meet
--Wheaton Warrenville South boys team is hosting a quad meet

--York HS boys team is hosting Downers Grove North
--Glenbard West boys team is hosting Lyons HS
--Lyons HS girls team is hosting Glenbard West
--Rotolo MS is hosting Geneva MS North
--St Peter is at TCC #4 meet

--Naperville Girls Invite [Naperville North HS]: Benet Academy, Downers Grove South, Lincoln Way Central, Naperville North, Oswego East, Wheaton North
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School meets this Saturday with Accelerators:

--Richard Springs Invite [Detweiller Park]
----Girls: Bartlett, Geneva, Glenbard West, Hinsdale South, Lake Forest, Lincoln Way Central, Oswego, Oswego East, Rosary, St Charles East, St Charles North, West Aurora, Wheaton Academy, Wheaton Warrenville South
----Boys: Geneva, Oswego East, St Charles East, St Charles North, West Aurora, Wheaton Warrenville South, York

Eddington Invite [Kaneland HS]
----Girls: Benet, Burlington Central, DeKalb, Kaneland, Rosary
----Boys: Glenbard West, Jacobs, Kaneland

--Minooka Flight Invite [Channahon Park]
----Girls: Batavia, Lyons
----Boys: Batavia, Downers Grove North, Lyons

--Warren Invite [Warren Campus] Lake Forest girls

--Libertyville Invite [Adler Park] Lake Forest boys

--Troy Invite [Troy Cronin] Geneva MS North, Geneva MS South, Herget MS, Jewel MS, Rotolo MS, St Peter, Wredling MS

--SPL Meet #3 [Marmion]: IC/Visitation, Saint Peter & Paul, St Petronille

There will be nearly 70 Accelerators at the Peoria race. I will be there and will be "hanging out" near the 400m mark between races if I am not at the West Aurora camp. Hope to see some of you there (stop by during warm-ups or cool-downs). Coach Keith
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