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Practice is canceled today (11/13) due to the projected wind chill being 15F. Please try to find a way to raise the heart rate for 20-30 minutes. ... See MoreSee Less

Practice today is cancelled due to the expected wind chill factor (right at our threshold). I will be at the practice site until 5:10 to turn away people as well as accept forms for Nationals and Foot Locker.

Please try to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes.

This weekend we will have practices both days at Herget Middle School at noon. (note the time) It will still be cold...but there should be some sun!
... See MoreSee Less

Here is what I believe are the rosters for Nationals and Foot Locker. An * means that not all forms and/or fees have been submitted; please turn these in soon so I do not have to chase people down Sunday night. If you did not receive the email (Sunday night) and are interested in Nationals or Foot Locker, please contact Coach Keith. The weather forecast for Fri & Sat in Louisville is a high if 52F.

2 Race of Americas (2013-2015) HoGe, BrWa
3 Primary Girls (2010-2012) AlSn*, HaWa, AvZw*
8/1 team Primary Boys (2010-2012) ChDa, DiJu, JaMc*, JoMc*, NoMc*, JoSc, MaSp*, BlVa
4 Bantam Girls (2008&2009) FaFe*, MiKu*, MaMe, AnSn*
2 Bantam Boys (2008&2009) JaMu*, NiSp*
10/1 team Midget Girls (2006&2007) NoDo, LeFe*, AbGo, SaHa, MoSc, ElSc*, BrSh*, ChSu, BrVa, MaWa
7/1 team Midget Boys (2006&2007) NaBr, NaGe, NaMc*, NoMo*, RyMo, ZaMu*, EvNo*
10/1 teams Youth Girls (2004&2005) AuAl, AlGo, OlKu*, KaLa, ToLo*, McMe, MiOr*, FaSc, DeTo, AmZw*
8/1 team Youth Boys (2004&2005) AnBa, CoCh, SaCh, JaKe, TeMe*, LiON, MaSn*, JeSp*
1 Intermediate Girls (2002&2003) KaFe*
Intermediate Boys (2002&2003)
Young Women (2000&2001)
1 Young Men (2000&2001) JaGo
National Runners: 55, now 56
National Teams: 5

----------------------FOOT LOCKER
11/1 team Youth girls (8th grade and under) NoDo, AbGo, AlGo, MiKu*, OlKu*, KaLa, JuMc*, MaMe, McMe, HaWa, MaWa, AdWi
7 Youth boys (8th grade and under) CoCh, JeLa, JaMc*, JoMc*, NaMc*,LiON, JeWi
3 Girls F/S (9th & 10th grades) GrDo, DeTo, ElTo
4 Boys F/S (9th & 10th grades) BeCa*, TeMe*, AnSp*, MiWi
Girls J/S (11th & 12th grades)
3 Boys J/S (11th & 12th grades) JaGo, VaSl*, JeWi
3 Open (older than high school) MiDo, MiGo, ToGo
Total Runners: 28, now 32
... See MoreSee Less

2017 End of Season Party

2016 End of Season Party

2016-01-02 Group02

2015 End of Season Party

2014 End of Season Party

2014 End of Season Party

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