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Results of Accelerators at Invitationals from last week:

Artman Invitational {Melas Park 9/11}
--Girls Varsity [82 runners]: 1st Lianna S [Rosary HS], 4th Joy J [Benet HS], 5th Elisabeth C [BHS], 7th Meaghan A [BHS], 11th Karly K [BHS], 47th Grace I [RHS]

First to the Finish {Detweiller Park 9/14}
--Girls 1A Varsity [471 runners]: 150th Jenna S [Aurora Central Catholic], 281st Claire B [Wheaton Academy]
--Girls 2A Varsity [417 runners]: 31st Nicquelette F [Dixon HS]
--Girls 3A Varsity [271 runners]: 11th Lucy W [Naperville North HS], 38th Katie C [Batavia HS], 46th Caroline T [Lockport HS], 184th Elena D [Wheaton North HS]
--Girls Open [739 runners]: 51st Kate F [Lyons HS], 55th Lexi W [BHS], 62nd Lydia S [BHS], 90th Maya M [BHS], 91st Natalie Z [BHS], 147th Olivia P [BHS], 323rd Caroline H [BHS], 361st Lauren F [BHS]
--Boys 2A Varsity [506 runners]: 46th Ezra H [Northside Prep], 57th Charlie S [Marmion Academy], 98th Seth N [Kaneland HS]
--Boys 3A Varsity [417 runners]: 52nd Roy L [Downers Grove North], 99th Colin H [Hinsdale Central HS], 122nd Nick H [Oswego East], 158th Jackson S [Lyons HS], 172nd Jeffery S [Downers Grove South]
--Boys Open [1217 runners]: 154th Andrew B [Glenbard West], 162nd Matt A [BHS], 256th Andy N [BHS], 538th Elliot L [KHS], 664th William H [KHS], 698th Liam O [GW], 749th Grant S [DGN]

Royal Cadet Invite {Marmion Academy 9/14}
--Girls Varsity [124 runners]: 1st Lianna S [Rosary HS], 3rd Elisabeth C [BHS], 6th Joy J [Benet HS], 9th Meaghan A [BHS], 10th Andrine L [Geneva HS], 28th Kayla S [GHS]
--Girls F/S [108 runners]: 1st McKenna M [GHS], 14th Grace I [RHS]
--Boys Varsity [74 runners]: 1st Ben C [GHS], 13th Adam C [GHS], 14th Tim A [GHS], 16th Jacob C [GHS], 57th Oliver B [IMSA]
--Boys Varsity [74 runners]: 25th Matt R [GHS]

Harvey Braus Invite {Lake Park HS 9/14}
--Girls Varsity [169 runners]: 1st Alice A [St Charles East], 3rd Delaney E [Glenbard West], 4th Audrey A [GW], 14th Jenna B [Bartlett HS], 24th Camille B [BHS], 32nd Gia K [SCE], 45th Becca H [Wheaton Warrenville South], 46th Grace D [St Charles North], 55th Bella S [York HS], 121st Ella T [SCN]
--Girls JV [320 runners]: 10th Shannon F [YHS], 37th Caroline T [SCE], 98th Faith P [SCE], 218th Miranda V [SCN]
--Girls Open [351 runners]: 176th Abby C [YHS], 178th Audrey S [SCE]
--Boys Varsity [165 runners]: 4th Micah W [SCE], 20th Jacob K [WWS]
--Boys Jun/Sen [282 runners]: 17th Ayu S [SCE], 58th Ian B [SCE]
--Boys F/S [383 runners]: 23rd Ethan P [SCE], 54th Connor C [SCN], 184th Sam M [SCE], 335th Eli S [SCE]

Reavis Invite {Reavis HS 9/14}
--Girls Varsity [133 runners]: 17th Alli G [Kaneland HS], 33rd Caroline N [KHS], 34th Lindsey A [KHS]
--Girls F/S [133 runners]: 9th Jackie N [KHS], 15th Kate H [Hinsdale South], 22nd Jessica P [KHS], 24th Amber Z [KHS], 29th Mira O [KHS]

--Steelman Invite {Channahon Park}
--Boys Varsity [85 runners]: 1st Colin H [York HS],6th Jackson G [YHS], 19th Joey S [Fenwick HS]

Knight Invite {Plunkett Park 9/14}
--Girls Varsity [32 runners]: 2nd Carly M [IC Catholic Prep], 3rd Kennedy C [ICCP], 5th Frankie C [ICCP]

Princeton Gary Coates Invite {Zearing Park 9/14}
--Girls Varsity [85 runners]: 41st Hayley V [Orion HS]

Parkside Invite {Parkside JHS 9/14}
--Girls Varsity [341 runners]: 53rd Anita W [Yorkville MS]
--Boys Varsity [313 runners]: 81st George W [YMS]
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School meets with Accelerators on weekdays this week:

--Downers Grove South HS boys team is hosting a meet
--Downers Grove South HS girls team is at a meet
--Hinsdale South HS girls team is at a meet
--Thompson MS is hosting Herget MS & Jewel MS
--Hubble MS is at a meet

--Royal Cadet Invitational at Marmion Academy: includes Geneva MS North, Geneva MS South, Harter MS, Holy Cross, Rotolo MS, Wredling MS
--IMSA is hosting an Invitational
--Northside Prep is hosting a meet
--Lake Forest HS boys team is at a meet
--Yorkville MS is hosting a meet
--Stratford MS is at a meet

--NAC Relay Meet will include the IMSA boys team
--Glenbard West HS girls team is hosting York HS
--Downers Grove North girls teams is hosting Lyons HS
--Lyons HS boys team is hosting Downers Grove North
--York HS boys team is hosting a meet
--Hinsdale Central HS boys team is at a meet
--Yorkville MS is hosting Harter MS
--Washington MS is hosting Wredling MS
--Washington JHS is at a meet
--Oak Prairie MS is at a meet
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Third weekend school meets (Saturday)----

--First to the Finish {Detweiller Park}
----Girls: Aurora Central Catholic, Burlington Central HS, Dixon HS, Lockport HS, Lyons HS, Naperville North HS, Wheaton North HS
----Boys: Downers Grove North, Downers Grove South, Hinsdale Central HS, Jacobs HS, Kaneland HS, Lake Forest HS, Lyons HS, Northside Prep

--Royal Cadet Invite {Marmion Academy}::
----Girls: Benet HS, Geneva HS, Rosary HS
----Boys: Geneva HS, IMSA, Marmion Academy

--Harvey Braus Invite {Lake Park HS}::
----Girls: Bartlett HS, Glenbard West HS, St Charles North HS, York HS
----Boys: St Charles North HS, Wheaton Warrenville South HS

--Reavis Invite::
----Girls: Hinsdale South HS, Kaneland HS, Lyons HS

--Steelman Invite {Channahon Park}::
----Girls: Lincoln Way Central HS
----Boys: Fenwick HS & York HS

--Knight Invite {Plunkett Athletic Complex}::
----Girls: IC Catholic Prep

--Wauconda Invite {Matthews MS}::
----Girls: Wheaton Warrenville South HS

--SPL Meet #2 (Downers Grove Swin Park}::
----IC/Visitation, Saint Peter & Paul, & St Petronille

--Parkside Invite {Parkside JHS}
----Yorkville MS
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